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7 March
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Im, Choon Hee. Kind of. Or Marie, or other things....
Im love k-pop. ITs my favorite. South Korea is my favorite. Im currently learning the language.
My favorite K-pop idols are Taemin of Shinee. T.O.P of Big Bang. Lee Gi Kwang of B2st. <3 <3 <3
Love love love.
i like to draw. I can draw pretty welll actually.
Im still in High School...Lame.
Im saving up to go to Seoul, South Korea for my Senior year. <3
Its my dream. And maybe i'll even meet my husband there!!
Waoh. Yeah.... I have this all planned out. Dont worry...
Im not asian though. :(
I wish I was <3 but no. Im actually Greek and Irish. Even though i look more irish i have a greek name. Which i wont say my real name cause i might say some CRAZY things on this.. If anyone reads this. Which i bet no one will. Lol...
Anyways. Yeah.
Thats me.

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