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Aug. 5th, 2012


Box to my Heart (oneshot) [OnTae]

 ‘Right, left, block, gotta remember to block,’ Onew thought as he spun around the ring trying to get away from his opponent. The latter had already gotten a few good hits in on the last couple of rounds. The other guy’s lip was already busted open, and his cheek had started to bruise from the plastic gloves hitting him square in the jaw. Onew gripped down on the bite guard in his mouth with his teeth as he lunged forward, successfully hitting the man in front of him straight in the nose. He could have sworn he heard a crack. Onew couldn’t remember what his opponent’s name was. George…George something right? George the Bully? Ah, that was it. It always made Onew laugh when guys would give themselves a scary or funny nickname but then lose within two rounds. George stumbled back at the blow, shaking his head to try and rid himself of the shooting pain in his nose, letting his guard down in the process. Taking the opportunity, Onew swiftly upper cut his jaw, sending the other flying to the ground in a daze. The referee quickly kneeled down beside the man on the ground and started to count. Onew stood there watching as the man tried to get up but just kept falling back down to the ring’s floor. As the referee reached the last number, he declared it a K.O.

   Onew smirked as the medical stand bys crawled onto the ring to check on George the Bully, as the referee pulled his hand into the air declaring Onew the winner. The small crowd cheered, as Onew bowed. He went back to his corner of the ring and took a well deserved seat down on the small stool. Mr. Choi came up behind him to pat him on the back. Mr. Choi was Onew’s boxing coach, and a damn good one at that. He had been world champion three years in a row but after he retired, he decided just to train more world champions. Onew was one of his star pupils.

   Onew was still hyped up on adrenaline so whatever his coach was saying to him, went in one ear and out the other. He guessed his coach had stopped talking because he no longer heard the deep voice by his ear, but was instead it had been replaced by a lighter and more shy one. "Good job Onew hyung." Onew’s eyes focused on the thin boy in front him, while he placed a towel around Onew’s neck and handed him a water bottle. He quickly took in the fresh smell of the new towel boy. He smelt of vanilla, and another smell Onew couldn't quite put his finger on. Probably just his natural scent. But the sweet smell was gone too soon for Onew’s liking. It was replaced by his own smell of sweat, old cologne, and a little bit of blood from the only good hit George had gotten that day, right above his left eye. It was still bleeding a bit and its impact had begun to blur his vision.

   Before his fingers even made it to his eye, a soft hand reached out and put his hand back into his lap. "Don’t touch it, you might make it worse. I'll fix it," the new towel boy said, who had some how magically made a first aid kit appear. He smiled at Onew, almost making him melt into a puddle on the ground. The new towel boy’s name was Taemin. He was Mr. Choi’s son. If Onew remembered correctly he was about 18 or 19, fresh out of high school. His father was upset that his own son wouldn't be a boxer, so instead of forcing his son to box, he made him take all the essential courses to be a nurse in High School, like learning how to do stitches, or CPR, or disinfect cuts, or even how to help a broken bone heal. With this knowledge he made his son come to work with him to help out. This way he wouldn't have to pay an actual medical person to be on the scene at all times. Especially since this was one of the best boxing training places, it was inevitable that there would be injuries.

   Everyone at the boxing club was quickly taken by the skinny, feminine Taemin. It was a complete turn around from the usual sweaty, tired men that they were surrounded with. But the one that was taken the most with Taemin was Onew. The moment he walked into the boxing club and introduced him self as Coach Choi’s son, Onew’s mouth had fallen open at the bundle of shy cuteness in front of him. That day he was dressed in tight red skinny jeans with black converses and an oversized long sleeve shirt that almost fell off his shoulder, exposing his collar bone just slightly. His light brown hair was long, Onew could tell even though it was pulled into a messy bun at the back of his head, only adding to the feminine look he was already born with. When coach Choi told everyone that his son was going to come work at the club, everyone was talking about what he was going to be like. Most were betting he was going to be unnaturally tall like his father, or even buff, or just be average and have a crazy deep voice. Let's just say everyone lost their bets that day. After Taemin had introduced himself, Coach Choi had to clear his throat to signal that all the guys needed to pick their jaws up off the ground, accompanied by a death glare everyone shivered at.

   Onew was pretty positive that a lot of the people at the beginning would fake injuries, just so they could have Taemin fix them up. It actually made Onew jealous for some reason. He didn't even know the boy, yet he already wanted to claim him as his own, and punch anyone in the face that tried to take him away. He never faked an injury, feeling too silly to do so.
It was already about a month since Taemin had been there. Onew and another one of the trainees were sparring off, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Taemin drop a bottle of antiseptic, and slowly bend down to pick it up. This gave Onew a perfect view, but successfully distracted Onew enough to get him punched in the mouth, splitting open his bottom lip pretty deep and resulting in him landing on his ass, losing to the other player. He took off  his gloves and mouth guard, feeling the blood ooze out of the deep cut on his lip. "Maybe I should look at that." Taemin said showing up at the side of the ring, leaning on one of the ropes from the out side, looking extraordinarily cute. Onew was speechless. This was the first time he had really ever talked to him. Taemin just smiled and blushed at the way Onew was staring at him. "Hold on I'll go get my kit." Taemin said jumping off the side and getting his first aid kit in record time. 

   He crawled up onto the ring and sat on his knees in front of Onew, looking closely at his lip. He was now only a few inches from the other’s face. Onew had the strong urge to just lean in and kiss him, but there were a few reasons he couldn't. His lip was gushing blood, and that's just nasty. And he didn't even know the boy that well. "Uhm, doesn't seem to need stitches. Just a butterfly." Taemin said leaning back and looking in his first aid kit while pulling out a few items. This gave Onew just enough time to let out the breath he had been holding in when Taemin was so close. Soft warm hands gently rubbed off the dry blood around the cut, "this might sting so just sit tight okay?" Taemin warned as he poured a liquid onto a cloth and started to pat it on Onew’s swollen lip. 
It stung. 

   It stung bad. Onew squeezed his eyes tight, trying not to scream, knowing full well that that would just open it even more. Then there came a sudden cold soothing breeze on his lip. It slowly took the sting away and Onew opened his eyes to see Taemin a couple inches from his lip blowing on it. It sent a spreading warmth throughout Onew’s stomach. He sat still, while the stinging subsided, due to the young boy. After Taemin had finished that, he took out a small butterfly shaped band aid. Touching and pulling the cut on his lip together, he swiftly finished taping the injury shut. The contact was gone just as quickly as it appeared. Taemin sat back on his knees smiling at the dazed Onew. "There you go, all done," Taemin said as he started to put his things back in his kit. "Thank yo- ow," Onew tried to say, but only earned a sharp pain on is lip. Taemin giggled. "I wouldn't talk too much for the next couple of hours so it has time to at least scab. And it's no problem. That's why I'm here." Taemin said as he shyly smiled and stood up in front of Onew. Onew just shook his head as he watched Taemin crawl out of the ring. His skin was still tingling where Taemin’s hands had been.

   Onew was brought back to reality by the same hands he had just been thinking about. He was taping up his eye, he had gotten quicker at this kind of thing since he last fixed up Onew. Before he knew it the younger boy was already walking away. Onew slowly looked around the gym where the fight had been set up in. Only a few people remained. Onew stood up from his stool, looking for Tarmin, when he saw his pony tail go around the corner to the bathrooms. Making his way towards them, Onew thought, 'its now or never', his boost of confidence coming from the adrenaline still running through his veins. He walked into the slightly smelly bathroom, Taemin just finishing washing his hands. It was probably to get Onew's blood off of them. He jumped as he turned around to find Onew just walking in. "Oh, Onew hyung you scared me." The younger said, holding his chest cutely. Onew bowed with a smile at the boys cute antics. "Sorry Taemin-ah." Taemin smiled back at Onew, "It's alrights, hehe. Well I better get back." Taemin said as he started to make his way around Onew, but the man quickly grabbed his wrist. Taemin turned around with a blush starting to form. "Thank you for fixing my eye." Onew said, his confidence starting to dwindle. "Y-your w-welcome. I-it is my job." Taemin stuttered, looking at the ground. The nervous action made Onew smile, seeing now that he could effect Taemin in such a way. "Taemin-ah." Onew said, wanting the other to look at him. Taemin slowly looked up, "Y-yes?" he questioned, "Would you, maybe.. Uhmmm. Like to go have coffee with me sometime?" Taemin looked away, a blush now fully across his face, still aware of Onew's hand wrapped around his wrist. Onew also looked away with an embarrassed blush, "Y-you don't have to....I was just thinking maybe we could-." Onews sentenced was cut short by a pair of lips connecting to his cheek. With his mouth wide open he turned back to look at Taemin who shared an identical blush. "O-of course I want to. But on one condition." Onew swallowed, "And what's that?" Onew asked. "It has to be a date, okay?" Taemin said with a shy smile. "...Okay." Onew replied with a bright grin spread across his face. "It's a date then."




Apr. 16th, 2012


Ice Rink 2/2

Key's slumber was disturbed by a loud crunching sound. He slowly opened his sleepy eyes to see the same man from the night before sitting up and munching on the saltine crackers Key had already set out the night before. The advil already gone and the water bottle half empty.

Two big brown orbes looked at Key with surprise when he noticed that he was awake. “Oh, your awake.” Minho said with a sheepish grin. Key sat up fixing his bed head the best he could with out a mirror. “Mhmmm, what time is it?” Key asked, his voice still thick with sleep. He watched as Minho looked around for a clock, he admired his smooth tan skin, and perfect nose. “Ah!” Minho exclaimed when he found the clock, “7:35” He said, his voice deep and calming to Key's tired ears. Unlike the night before, where he couldn't get two words out of his mouth with out rising 2 octaves.

“Ugh!” Key huffed out while trying to rub the sleep off his face, frustrated that he was up at such an un godly hour. “You're a really good person, ya know.” Key stopped rubbing his face, surprised, he looked up at the person he really didn't know at all with confusion. “You don't even know me.” Key said with a blush starting to form on his cheeks. “Yes. But usually when a random drunk guy barges into someone's establishment after its closed drunk, AND passes out. They call the cops, or I don't know throw them outside. Not put them on a couch and give them pain killers and crackers. Not that I'm not thankful that you didn't throw me out.” He finished with a laugh at his own stupidity.

“Yeah, well... I just felt bad. And you were in NO shape to kill me or steal anything.” Key said averting his eyes for the round ones staring holes into his soul (or at least thats what it felt like to Key). “Well. Thank you. Uhm, so what's your name?” Key looked at him with hesitation. But finally decided that it would do no harm. “Key.” He said looking at his hands. He wasn't usually shy. But this guy just made him feel weird. “Ah, thats a nice name. It really fits you.” Minho said with a smile. “Th-thanks,” Key stuttered. A blush now fully on his face. They sat in an awkward silence for a good couple of minutes before Minho cleared his throat and spoke “You didn't happen to see a yellow bag anywhere did you?” Key instantly remembered the bag that was on the ground by the concession stand. He stood up and went to go retrieve it. He picked up the bright colored bag and walked back over to Minho to give it to him when one of those photo strips fell out of the side pocket. You know the ones where you go into the booth and take three pictures in a row.

He bent down to get it, and noticed it was Minho with another person. Pretty enough to be a girl but Key spotted the adams apple after a second. The last photo was the one that surprised Key the most. It was of the two men kissing. Ah, so he's gay...Key thought as his hopes raised only to be crushed when he realized that he obviously had a boyfriend. All of a sudden the photo was snatched out of his hand. “Don't look at that.” Minho said in a hurt but threatening voice, surprising Key. He guess he had hit a nerve. But they look so happy, Key thought. “Who is that?” Key asked and instantly regretted it. Feeling like its not his plce to ask. “None of your buisness.” Minho said in a harsh tone, making Key cringe. Not like he wasn't expecting that. “I-I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean to upset you.” Key said in his most sincere voice. Minhos face went soft again, but instead of anger his face looked sad. “N-no its okay. He's just the reason that I got shit faced and ended up wondering in here.” Key understood, and his face showed it too. His curiosity getting the better of him he asked, “Did you break up?” Key asked in a soft voice as to not make the other upset even more.

Minho's eyes visibly twitched. Key expecting to be yelled at again got ready. But nothing angry came, just a quiet “Yes.” Key looked at Minho sympatheticly. He knew how hard break ups were. He had just recently been through one. Probably one of the most self damaging break ups hes ever had. “What happened?” Key asked, hopeing Minho would open up to him. He was surprised when he actually did. “He left me for some guy named Onew. He said they had been having something for a while...” Minho said shaking his head in disbelief. He looked up when Key didn't say anything. Key's mouth was hung open, and tears were on the verge of overflowing. Key put his head in his hands and started crying. Minho didn't know what to do.”W-what's wrong?” Minho said standing up. Key tried to stop crying, trying to wipe some of the tears off. He slowly looked up at Minho.

“His name was Taemin wasn't it?” Minho widened his eyes at the use of his now ex-boyfriends name. “H-How did you know that?” Minho asked now thoroughly confused. Key laughed dryly. “Onew, was MY boyfriend. Well up until a couple days ago.” Key said shaking his head. “He said he found someone better...Prettier. That cares about him more.” Tears started to trail down Keys face. Minho sat down beside the crying boy. “Wow, they were playing both of us.” Minho said with a sigh. Key snifed trying to stop crying. “I tried. I t-tryed to be the best person I c-could. *sniff' I tried s-so hard.” Minho put his arm around Key, holding the crying boy. He needs comfort more then me, at least Taemin didn't say those horrible things to me, Minho thought.

Key leaned his head into the crook of Minhos neck. Not even caring that he was a complete stranger. “It's okay. He was crazy to give you up. He can go have fun with Taemin. I can aleady tell you are better then him.” Minho said now fully embracing Key. Key pulled away embarrassed for crying all over Minho. He tried to wipe the tears off. “Whatever, your just trying to make me feel better. And I'm sorry for crying all over you. I know you must be sad to.” Key said looking at his hands again now folded in his lap. “Actually I'm not sad anymore.” Minho said with a smirk. Key looked up confused, he was so upset a little bit ago, key thought. “You aren't?” Key asked looking into Minhos eyes. “Nope. Because if Taemin didn't break up with me. I wouldn't have gotten drunk. And if I wouldn't have gotten drunk, I would not have barged in here, and if I didn't barge in here drunk, I wouldn't have met you.” Minho says. Key looking away, his face now red as a firetruck. “Y-you don't even know m-me.” Key says. “I know, but obviously fate wanted me to know you. That is if you want to know me to.” Minho said and for the first time since they met was acting shy. A smile slowly creped onto Keys face. And before he knew what he was doing he leaned in and softly kissed Minhos cheek. So soft it felt as light as a feather. Minhos face instantly turned red. Key leaned back. “O-of course I want to know you.” Key said with a shy smile, reaching out and grabbing Minhos hand. Minho looked up into Key's eyes and smiled. He knew this was going to be the start of something beautiful.




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Apr. 11th, 2012


Angel - Onkey fic (oneshot)

I think I'm seeing an angel. He's beautiful. Standing in the middle of the grass, looking up to the sky. The warm sunny sky. It was the first day it had been above 40 degrees in four months. And four months since I fell into my downward spiral of self loathing and hate. There really wasn't a specific reason for my depression. It just happened. I couldn't even look at my self at one point, I broke all my mirrors. The only reason I'm not dead right now is because of my best friend Jonghyun. He had an extra key. So he would come in and clean up the messes I would make in my break downs that were more on the destructive side. And he was the one who told me to go outside today.

“Yah, Onew-hyung. It almost 80 degrees outside today! Go outside and get some sunshine. It will make you feel better.” I only responded with a grunt, but willingly got up to go get my baggy t-shirt and brown cargo shorts on. “Have fun hyung. Don't break to many hearts.” Jonghyun called out to me. He always knew how to make me smile even if it was just a small one. It felt good to feel like the old me, even if it was just for half a second. “Bye, Jjong.” I called back quietly, but I knew he heard me.

But here I am now, laying in the grass that is only just beginning to turn green again, still a little dry from the harsh winter, looking at the angel, from my sideways view. He was still beautiful no matter what angle. He has short wavy blonde hair, and eyes that are as beautiful as a cats. So entrancing. He has on one of those over sized tank tops that with out even trying you can see into his shirt because of his small frame. He has the cutest pouty lips. I can't take looking at his beauty, I'm wondering why Im so enticed with a person Iv only seen for about a minute. As I question this I turn back to the sky, closing my eyes and taking in the amazing warmth that the sun brings. Trying to get the angel out of my mind that is literally only standing about twenty five feet away.

I thought back to all the times I had to fake my smile. All the times I had to be the happy one, and just how good it felt to not have to put on a show for others anymore. Since my breakdown everyone has gotten the point to stop putting so much pressure on me. I do have some guilt though. My parents are basically scared of me, and if I wasn't out of their house, they most likely would have put me into a insane asylum.

Suddenly the warmth was gone. Was the sun just a dream? Was that beautiful man just a dream? Maybe I should open my eyes... I slowly open my tired eyes,only to be met with a pair of hands instantly covering my eyes. I'm not scared. I really don't care if it was some serial killer or a random little kid mistaking me for his dad. Nothing bothers me nowadays. “Uhm?” I hummed to whose ever hands were over my eyes. I tried to use the rest of my senses. The hands were soft and delicate. They smelled like...butterscotch. Mmmm, butterscotch. I use to make butterscotch candy with my mother all the time. That time when I was to young to know the pressures of the world yet.

“Hi.” The stranger said, still covering my eyes. The voice was one of a man, but a unique voice. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I like it. “Hello.” I respond. The hands covering my eyes starting to figit just a bit. “What's your name?” The stranger asked. Should I tell this person my name? I guess it wouldn't hurt anybody. “Onew.” I say. I could hear him repeating my name a few times to him self from behind me, where Im guessing he is sitting. I guess he just wants to see how my name felt. I don't mind though, I like the way he says my name. “That's a nice name.” He said, his voice shaking slightly. “What's yours?” I ask. Genuinely curious. “I don't know if I should tell you that.” My face scrunches up in confusion, I'm sure he could feel it beneath his hands. “And why not?” I ask, actually very curious. This is the most exciting conversation I'v had in months. I could feel his hands move as he lightly chuckles. But it wasn't a happy laugh, more of a bitter one.

“Once I tell you my name, it will be different.” He says in a defeated voice. “So I don't get to see your face OR know your name?” I ask, my eyes still sitting beneath his hands. “Yup.” Was the strangers simple answer. I bet he's the angel I saw earlier. I can just feel the presence.It was a strong one, one that I was drawn to. And his hands, these have to be his hands. Just as soft as I had day dreamed of. “I get the name thing. But why can't I see your face?” This is the most I'v talked in forever. It's actually weird hearing my own voice so much. “Because... I-I wanted to t-talk to you, b-but you wouldn't w-want to talk to me if you knew what I looked like.” I actually blushed at his comment about wanting to talk to me, and how cute his stuttering was. But if this is the angel I saw before then I don't know why he was worried about himself. He was beautiful. So so so beautiful. I really hope this is him. Everything just fit s so perfectly. His voice, his scent, his skin. Everything. I guess it was time to find out.

“I think I already know what you look like anyways.” I felt his hands stiffen. “How? Do you have X-ray vision?” He asked, and I smiled. An actual smile. He is just so cute, I can't help it. It felt good to smile, to truly smile. “No, I saw you earlier.” I said picturing the boy staring up at the sky. His jeans tight, with boots that laced up to his ankles, and loose baggy shirt.”I don't believe you” He says in the most serious voice since our conversation begun. “You have short blonde hair.” I heard a gasp from behind me. I smile, thinking I'v won. “A lot of people have short blonde hair. Lucky guess.” I laugh at his stubbornness. “Your jeans are dark blue, and very...tight. Your shirt is a tank top, and if your at the right angle you can see your chest.” I said with a smirk. “You have beautiful skin, nice pink lips, and the most gorgeous eyes... You really are...beautiful.” He didn't say anything. And I figured he would have stopped me a while ago if I was wrong. I feel something wet drop onto my forehead. It surprised me at first, but then I realize. He's crying. Soon the hands that were covering my eyes were removed, blinding my now exposed eyes with the sun. I sit up and turn around.

I was right. It was him, but something was different then the last time I saw him. There was something on his neck that followed up until half way through his cheek on his right side. I looked closer. It was a burn. A burn that must have been horribly painful. So this is why he didn't want me to see his face... I scooted closer to the crying boy and took the hands he was using to block his face and the tears that were streaming out of his eyes. I hold onto his soft hands, they fit just perfectly in mine. He looked up at me when I interlaced our fingers. I don't know why I feel like Im so close to a stranger. But it's just right. He sobs slow down to just a trickle. “Your a lier. I'm not beautiful. I'm hideous.” He said sniffing up a sob and turning the right side of his body away from me to hide the burn. I touch his chin making him look at me straight on again. I smile at him, the second genuine smile in such a long time. I caress his cheek, my touch no heavier then a feather, and slowly go down his neck lightly outlining the now healed scar until it dips into his shirt and I stop. I look him in the eyes, “You are beautiful. This doesn't make you who you are.” I say touching his cheek once more. He griped my hand tighter, and it felt as if he was staring into my soul.

“Key.” He says. I give him a confused look not really knowing what he's telling me. “Huh?” I say, hoping for an answer. “My name it Key.” He said followed by the most beautiful smile I'v ever seen. This was going to be the start of something good, something new. He is my angel who saved my from my self. I can already tell.  



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Apr. 8th, 2012


Ice Rink 1/2

 Key watched as the little kids in the sharp ice skates slide around on the slick cold ice. Key actually liked working at the ice rinks concession stand. He got free food and he got to watch little kids fall down all day . Don't get him wrong he isn't a sadist, he just finds it amusing when they fall and try to get up and try to not act embarrassed. The bad part about this job is that he always has to close.

His uncle owns the ice rink, so instead of hiring a night worker, key was the lucky chosen one because he loved his uncle and he is just a nice person. Key glanced at the clock on the bright blue wall on top of the sixteen foot ceiling. “10:57 PM” Key sighed at the time resting his head on his folded hands. They close at eleven o'clock. But they technically can't close till every person has left. And right now there was a young couple skating in figurates together. Key almost gagged at the sweet site. He wish they would just leave so he could go home.

As he was thinking about all the semi nice ways to ask the couple to leave with out punching them in the face when Carlos (the maintenance guy and the only other employee at the rink) walked by “See ya later Key, I tried to pick up as much as I could. You sure your okay to close up?” The concerned stumpy man asked as he walked past the concession stand. Key gave a smile and nodded his head “Yeah, no problem, just waiting for these people to leave.” He said with an eye roll, earning a laugh from Carlos. “I'll turn off the lights on the east side on my way out, so maybe they'll get the point” Carlos says with a wink and continues on his way out the front doors. “Thanks!” Key calls out as he sees Carlos flip the switch, successfully making half the lights in the skating rink turn off. Key snickers at the shocked faces that the couple wore. Guessing they got the point Key calls out “Have a nice night!” His voice thick with sarcasm as the couple walked out the door to leave Key to his peace and quiet. He walked around the counter, grabbing the broom and dust pan on his way. He rally didn't know how this much trash could accumulate in the time span of 12 hours.

He went and emptied the dust pan for the 100th and last time that night. And Key STILL had to clean the bathrooms. He looked at the clock surprised by the time 12:03 AM. “Yah! What the hell!” Key yelled to no one but himself. He slumps back over to behind the counter and puts the broom and dustpan up in its respective area, and picking up the bathroom cleaning supplys. Walking inside the bathroom he about vomited from the smell. He pulled out his bottle of windex and started to spray it on the mirror , when all of a sudden he heard the front doors open, followed by a crash. Key's eyes widened in shock. Looking towards the doors of the bathroom, he quietly put down the windex bottle on the counter. 'Crap, I guess I forgot to lock the front doors' Key thought as he slowly creaked the door open to try and see what had made the noise. He couldn't see anything, so he slowly walked out of the bathroom looking in all directions. 'Oh god. What if a wild animal came in...OH GOD. What if it a serial killer! Omo...Im so dead.' Key thought panicking. Now gripping onto the squigy he forgot to put down.

He was almost to the concession stand when his foot hit something. It sounded like broken glass. Key looked down, startled by the noise. It was a yellow bag. But one of those across the chest satchel types. Key looked at the bag confused. A bag slammed through the doors? Key thought, as he heard a low groan coming from the ice rink. He slowly made his way over to the wall that separated the ice and the floor. What he saw startled him. A young tall looking man was laying face first in the middle of the ice. Key contemplated going out there to help the strange man. Finally he decided he had to or he would get frost bite on the whole front side of his body.

He carefully walked onto the ice, trying his best not to slip in his street shoes, that were obviously not made for ice. When he finally got to the man, he gently kicked his side “Yah, are you alive?” Key said still lightly kicking the man. After a few seconds all he got was a grunt from the man on the ice. Well, at least he's alive, Key thought. “Come on get up! The ice rink is closed!” Key said as he struggled to turn the tall man over. Once he finally got the man on his back, Key instantly stopped. He was so handsome, Key thought. Short brown hair, lucious libs, eyes he could tell were huge even if they were closed. As he was admiring the man, the smell finaly hit him. Alcohol. He could smell it seeping from the the nice lips atatched to the man. Keys face scrunches up into one of disgust. Suddenly the mans eye's open wide and he sits up scooting away from Key at light speed. Key jumps back at the sudden movement. “Who are you! Where am I?! What the hell, OW!” The man says holding his head at the splitting head ache that came from the drunkenness and sudden movement. The mans voice was deep, sending shivers up Keys spine. But not distracting him enough to fail at retorting to the comments the man had just made. “You are in MY ice rink! DRUNK obviously! And you dont need to know who I am! I need you to tell me who you are and why you picked an ice rink as your choice to pass out on!” Key yelled, his unique voice intimidating even to the manlier man infront of him. His eyes were wide, looking down at the white ice. “Uhmm...I-I'm M-Minho. And I-I don't even know how I got here” he said holding on to his head again. Key repeated the strangers name in his head a couple times. It fit him well. Key snapped back into reality “Well you need to leave. Do you live close?” Key asked. Not really sure about his feelings towards this Minho character. He didn't seem like a serial killer at least , Key thought. “I don't know. I never even knew this town even had an ice skating rink.” Key rolled his eyes. The rink was a little farther down town. Not a lot of rich people knew about it. And right about now Key was assuming that Minho was one of those rich people. Looking at his nice jeans, spotless shoes,and his very warm looking pea coat. Compared to Keys three layers of a t-shirt, zip up, and hoodie just to keep his chest warm. With his worn out jeans and dirty looking sneakers.

“Okay, well what's your address then?” Key asked to see where this Minho guy lived. Key stared at the man in thought when he lets out a loud sigh. “FUCK. I don't remember! My head hurts to much! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He yelled, shaking his aching head. Key sighed, at making no progress with this stranger. A very handsome stranger. But still a stranger. “Maybe if you get off of this ice you'll be able to think better” Key said standing up and wiping the ice shavings off his butt. “Well, my butt is kind of cold.” Minho said, trying to standup. But only achieving to fall on Key because of his drunken dizziness. Key was barley able to hold the tall man up. Both his hands were on his chest. A very toned chest...Key shook his head to rid it of his thoughts and got snapped back into reality when he noticed he really doesn't have that much muscle. “YAH! Stand up! Im not that strong!” Key yelled at the drunk man. “Ah! But the whole world is spinning!” Minho yelled. But managed to kind of straighten himself up a little to where Key going to fall over. Key managed to drape the taller mans arm around his shoulder so he could help him balance.

After five minutes of careful/drunken walking on ice, they finally made it off of the ice. Key loosing strength quickly took Minho to one of the couches where costumers put on their skates. He hurriedly dropped him on the couch, the man still half awake got all his limbs on the couch. “Ugh my head is going to explode.” Minho groaned. Putting his hand over his eyes. Key quickly walked over to his bag and pulled out three advils, a bottle of water, and some saltine crackers. Setting it all down on the coffee table situated in front of the couch. He lightly poked the Minho, “Hey, I got you advil, water, and crackers.” Key said softly, just in case the man was sleeping. And sure enough he was, Key heard light snores coming from behind the forearm draped across the mans face.

“Awesome, looks like I'm staying here tonight.” He said to himself in a sarcastic tone. He couldn't just leave a random stranger in his place of employment. He was just glad they weren't open on Sundays. So he wouldn't have to explain this random person to Carlos. Key laid down on the couch, thinking it was safe to sleep too, since this guy obviously to drunk and will be to hungover to do anything when he wakes up. With That Key takes one last look at the handsome drunken man laying in front of him before drifting to sleep.



A/N: Im so tired.. 
A/N2: I know Its MinKey?! What the heck! Iv only written OnKey. But this Minkey story just came out of no where!?
A/N3: Time to go to bed. <3 Enjoy.

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Mar. 22nd, 2012


Your Name

G-GIRLS BRING THE BOYS OUT~la la la. Buzzzzzzzzz. Buzzzzzzz.
"oh my god seriously!" Key said in a groggily voice as he tore his eyes open from his sleep. He looked at his clock on his bedside table. "three fucking o'clock in the morning?! UGHHH!" he quickly grabbed the perpetrator, his phone. He roughly opened it and put it to his ear. Not even looking at the caller ID.  "This better be so damn important if you just woke me up at three in the morning!"  he said in his best angry/tired voice.

"I-I'm sorry key.... I tried everyone else...but no one answered..." Keys face scrunched up in confusion, and then into sympathy. It was Onew...not to mention a very deppressed sounding Onew. "No, no. It okay. I'm sorry for yelling. What's wrong? I thought you were spending the night with Tiffany?" Key questioned. He was suppose to pick Onew up in the morning on his way to work theyve done this every Friday for the last few months. So it very strange that Onew would be calling at this time. Sounding distraught at least. Sometimes he would randomly call when him and Tiffany would go to the club amd get drunk. Tiffany was Onews girlfriend.  Key wasn't very fond of her, and  her of him. There was just this unspoken hatred between them. Key doesn't know where it came from, but it's just always been there.
"I w-was...Can you just come pick me up p-please." Onew  asked in a pleading voice. It sounded like he was on the verge of tears. Key was already up throwing on clothes before Onew even uttered the word please. 

"of course Onew. What's wrong though? Why can't Tiffany take you home? Not that i mind. I'm already in the car...but still." Key said while balancing his phone in between his shoulder and his ear while closing his door, and starting the car. 
"I-I can't tell you what's wrong...And Tiffany doesn't really..care for me at the moment.." Onew said. "What do you mean you can't tell me what's wrong?? I just got my butt up at three o'clock in the morning to come and get you, AND I'm your best friend!" Now that key thought about it, Onew said he called EVERYONE else before he tried calling him. "YAH and why was I the last person you called to come and get you. You know I keep my phone up on loud and that I would wake up!?" Key questioned, feeling bad that it came off more angry then concerned. Before he could apologize he heard Onew crying. His stomach turned with guilt. "Onew Im-" Onew cut him off. "I-I can't give you an answer to *sniff* any of that... I-I'm s-sorry." Key felt so bad. He wasn't going to push him. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound mad. I won't ask anymore...I'm about to pull up." Key said as he hung up the phone and pulled up to the curb.

What he saw made his stomach drop. It was a puffy eyed, wet face Onew sitting on the curb staring into space. He had about 3 bags around him filled up with stuff, the bags obviously weren't his, they were pink and purple, and one even had polka dots. Key got out of the car and walked up to Onew. And with the calmest voice he could manage he asked "What's in the bags?" Onews eyes drifted to the ground. "My stuff." Keys eyes went wide. Wait... Did they break up... He didn't know if Onew would tell him. Or.. "Did yall break up?" Key asked.  Onew shook his head yes. "So you can tell me that but not the why?" Onew shook his head yes again. "okay...Was it a mutual thing?" Key asked getting ready to kick some ass. No one hurts his best friend. "...She broke up with ME." he said wiping his nose. Still not looking at key. "Aw hell no." Key said raising his voice, as he started to speed walk over to the building entrance fully ready to kick a pretty girls face in. He got to the door and was about to pull it open when a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. 
Key turned around to see a huffing Onew still strongly holding onto his wrist. "S-stop." Keys faced went to one of disgust. "Why?...No one hurts you and gets away with it." Onew shakes his head "It was my fault..." Key rolled his eyes. "She probably just guilted you into thinking that." Key said about to turn around, trying to get his wrist free from Onews grasp. "Let go." Key demanded. "I, I can't. You are probably the last person she wants to see. Please don't." Onew said, tears starting to fill his eyes. Key stopped trying to free his wrist and walked up to Onew with confusion evident on his face. "What do you mean, I'm probably the last person she would want to see??" Onew didn't answer he just looked at the ground, tears freely falling from his eyes. Onew let go of Keys wrist. Key was so confused it wasn't even funny. But he still felt bad he didn't want to be the reason they broke up. "What did I do....?" Onew wiped his eyes. "You didn't do anything! It's what I did!" he almost yelled into keys face. Key took a step back from the out burst. Then took a step tower wards him. He slowly grabbed Onews hand and rubbed soothing circles on it "What happened Onew?..." Key said softly, obviously seeing that Onew was on the sensitive side.

Onew pulled his hand free from Keys grasp slowly, and turned around. Key stood there waiting. "What are you doing?" Key asked calmly. "I can't look at you when I tell you what happened." Key was genuinely worried now. What could have been that bad Key thought. Key stood there waiting for Onew to say something. 

"I said your name." Key looked at Onew with confusion. "What do you mean you said my name? Who cares, I'm your best friend. Why would she break up with you because of that??" Key said. Very confused at this point.
"You don't get it..." Onew said in a quiet voice. "Then please explain it to me Onew. I don't understand." Key said walking up to Onew and lightly touching his back only to have it shrugged off . "I-I said your name when I was...y-you know....with her..." Onew said  wiping his newly formed tears away from his eyes. "You said my name while you were...with her...." Key said confusion in his voice. And then it struck him like a semi truck filled with bricks. "OH! You said me name while you were...OH!..ohh...oh." Key said obviously surprised at this. "B-but why... I mean it was probably just an accident. She shouldn't be that mad." Key said trying to make Onew feel better...even though, truthfully Key didn't mind much.. Onew shook his head. "That's what she said...She said if I did it again, she would break up with me..." Onew said in a quiet voice. "See, then just don't do it again.." Key said, he doesn't even know why he's saying this. He hates Tiffany. He would be so happy if they broke up. But if Onew was this upset about it.. 

" UGh!" Onew huffed and turned around. Only a few inches away from Key. "You don't get it!! This was the 'again'..." Onew said the last part quietly. Keys eyes widened at that. "oh...." Was all Key could say he was speechless and his stomach had butterfly's the size of Texas in it. "You think I'm disgusting don't you.." Onew said sniffling. Before Key even knew what he was doing, he lifted Onews chin up with one finger, and pressed his lips to Onews full ones. He stayed like that for a few seconds. When Onew didn't respond Key got nervouse and quickly pulled away. When he looked at Onew his face was flushed and he was looking to the ground. Hey at least its not anger, thought Key. "I love you Onew. And when you love someone, they are perfect in your eyes." He took a step forward and grabbed onto Onews hand and laced their fingers together. "Your perfect Onew." Key could see his cheeks getting darker as the seconds pass. "Is that why you said my name? Do you feel the same?" Key asked suddenly nervous for the answer. Onew bit his lip and shook his head yes. Key let out the breath he had been holding. "Oh thank God. How embarrassing would that have been if you didn't even-" Key was cut off by a pair of lips. Nice, full, soft, warm ones. Key kissed back loving the feeling of Onew when he was actually moving this time. Key sucked on Onews bottom lip till Onew moaned in enjoyment. Taking the opportunity to slid his tongue in and explore Onews warm mouth. Until they had to stop for air. They rested their foreheads on each others. Breathing hard. 

"Can I ask you something." Key asked. 
"mhmm." Onew said with a smile on his face.
"Why did you stay with Tiffany so long?"
Onew bit his lip in thought. "Because I really did like her, but I loved you and I was to scared to confess. I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way."
"Are you really upset you guys broke up?" asked Key, 
"No..." Onew said.
"Then why were you crying so much.?" Key asked.
"Because I knew you would squeeze out of me what happened. I was expecting you to hate me...thats why I tried calling everyone else before you."

Key laughed. "Silly..." and embraced Onew, resting his head on Onews shoulder. Onew hugged him back. Taking in the smell and the feel of him. And thinking just how right this felt. 


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Dec. 29th, 2011


New Years (Onkey Onshot)

"Onew...Do you love me?" Key asked in a timid voice. The random question pulling Onews attention away from the big ball about to drop. The crowd just now starting recount back from ten. 
Onew didn't know if he heard Key right. "...huh?" Onew said looking Key in the eyes. Keys face flushed red as he took a big swig of the beer in her hand. "...nothing." Key said as the crowd of people were at three. 
He turned his attention to the tv. Trying to forget about the embarrassing question he just asked his best friend.  He could still feel Onews eyes on him. He started to fidget. "ONE!!!!" Yelled the people trapped inside the box. 
All of a sudden a pair of lips were on Keys. Nice, soft, plump lips. Key didn't even know what was going on. He sat there in shock, he didn't even have time to respond when the lips parted from his. Sad at the lost of contact. He led out a little whine. Only noticing that he did so aft he heard a low chuckle coming from the man that just kissed him.
Key looked down trying to hide his blush. "...w-was that just for new years?" Key asked wondering if that was the answer to his question or just because that was the thing you did when the clock struck twelve.
Onew genuinely smiled. And pulled Key in for a gentle hug. Key hugged him back. Enjoying the warmth of the other, the smell, the feel. He loved it. "Yes Key. I love you." Key hugged the other tighter a happy tear running down his cheek and onto Onews shirt. 
Key pulled away smiling at Onew. Not really believing what he just heard. "Really?" Key asked his voice a whisper.
"Ofcourse." Onew said as he took Keys hand in his own, lacing their fingers. Key leaned in kissing Onew on his sweet soft lips and this time actually enjoying it. Onew smiled into the kiss, loving the feeling of his Key. 
The perfect beginning of a new year. Key thought.
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Nov. 22nd, 2011


Merry Christmas Onew

Slamming the door as hard as he could. Onew sat there dumb founded
but then again Key was a diva so he was use to this. He felt bad though
that he forgot there was a talent show or even that key was in it. Even
though Key said he doesn't want me to go. I'm still going too. I'll just
hide in the back. Onew thought.
Onew went and got his laptop.
Logging onto his schools web site. And there right on the front page
'christmas talent show! From 7 to 11. Admission 5 dollars.' wow. I suck.
Onew thought. Onew made a plan. Wait till Key leaves. Get ready. leave
the apartment at 6:55 so he is exactly on time. He just has to walk a
few minutes. Watch Key. Leave all ninja like. Go home.

glanced at the clock. It was about 5:10pm. Key Should be leaving soon.
Onew can only imagine how long it would take Key to get ready. Since he
is so hard headed he won't even let onew see his costume. So he opted to
go to the school and get ready. Just as Onew suspected. Key comes
walking out of his room. With a don't look or talk to me face. He was
carrying one of those black bags that you put your nice clothes in. But
Onew could see some of the outfit peeking out of the bottom. It was red
and white and furry.

No way is Key dressing up as Santa clause. I
defiantly have to see this Onew thought holding back a smile at the
image of Key in a Santa Clause outfit.

"Goodbye. And I better not see your stupid face there..." Key said walking out the door. Onew evil chuckled to him self.

He jumped off the couch as soon as he heard the lock turn from the
outside. He went to the bathroom. Quickly showering and drying off.
Picking out a button down shirt and a pair of nice jeans. He put the
clothes on. Going to the bathroom and brushing his teeth and fixing his
hair. He took a look in the mirror examining his reflection. Agreeing
that he looks at least suitable. He slipped his shoes on and looked at
the clock. 6:50. He smiles to him self. He even finished early.

He grabbed his wallet from the counter on the way out the door turning around an locking it. He headed off for the school.

Five minutes tops an Onew arrived at the school.  Walking through the
large double doors he payed the perky red head at the entrance.

"Thank you, enjoy!" Onew bowed and walk in to the auditorium and took a
seat that was in the shadows but not all the way in the back. He did
still want to see ya know.

A couple minutes later a man in a
nice suit came out. Onew recognized him as their principal. "Welcome
everyone." he greeted. Standing in the middle of the stage. "I hope you
enjoy the nice and... Unique performances." Onew laughed at this. I bet
he's talking about Key. Key IS very unique anyways. Onew thought.

"Our first performance will be Lilly Bennett. She is going to twirl for
us." with that he walked off the stage while the curtain opened
signalling everyone to clap. She was good. Dropped her baton a few times
but it was alright. The next few acts were pretty good. A guy spun some
plates on a stick. Onew had to give props to that guy. And a couple of
girls sang. Then this weird gothic couple came out and did magic tricks.

Onews principal came back out. "Now for a very unique student. Key
Kim." Onew clapped as loud as he could hooting and holaring. Hopeing
that key wouldn't recognize his voice. The curtains opened slowly.
Revealing the backs of long milky white legs. And a perfect butt. The
person was wearing a dress. A red and white furry Santa clause outfit
but the sexy woman kind. She had long carmel brown hair. 'No way, Key
was working with her this whole time... Where is Key.' Onew thought.

Music started playing. And she started shaking her hips. Putting the microphone up to her mouth. That onew still couldn't see.

"Santa baby..." she sang turning around. Making Onews jaw drop. And a
think a little bit of drool came out. It was Key. ... In a dress...
Singing in a dress. Looking very sexy singing in a dress. Looking VERY
much like a sexy girl singing in a dress...

too, light blue..." Key continued to sing. While doing suggestive
movments. Not suggestive enough that a 6 year old couldn't watch this.
But suggestive enough for Onew to know what he ment. Onew didn't know
what was going on inside him. But he wanted Key right now. He would take
him on the stage if there wernt a million people and if key wasn't mad
at him. He always wanted Key but this just put the cherry on top. The
cherry on top of the cherry on top of the cherry. There have been a few
instenses when Onew almost jumped Key. But tonight. With Key looking
like this he couldn't handle it any longer. He was going to confess to
him tonight or maybe just kiss him to death. Probably the latter will
get him in less trouble  Wether key accepts it or not. Probably not. But
Onew had to tell him he needed to get this off his chest or he would go
crazy. Key was at the last line of his song. Onew would have sworn that
Key was looking straight into his eyes. With the most suductive stare
he's ever seen. But no that can't be right Key can't even see him right?
At the thought of Key catching him he sunk down further in his seat.
And to hide the problem forming in his pants.

Key finished with a bow releasing  a roar of loud claps from the people around him.

With one last look as Key went off stage onew hopped up. Exiting the
building. He had to get home. One, to take care of this stupid problem
that Key made happen. And two, so Key won't know Onew was there. If he
doesn't already that is.

He got home in a record time of 3 minutes. 'he was speed walking'

He entered the apartment. And stripped his clothes off. Throwing them
into his room. Going to the bathroom an turning the water on as cold as
it could get. He hopped in shivering from the coldness of the water but
savoring it at the same time. Soothing his hot and bothered body.

'Dammit key. Why do you do this to me... Why do I have to love you so
much! Why do you have to turn me on so much! Ugh... Why..' Onew thought
while leaning one hand on the shower. Drenching his hair in cold water.
Fighting the urge to touch himself. He knew he was losing the battle
when the cold water did nothing to help sooth his erection that was now
hurting he was so hard. He just couldn't get the image of Key out of his
head. The short dress. Barley covering his no no area. Onews hand
slowly going down his body. Inching towards his erection now standing
tall and proud. That look that Key gave him. Like he was seducing him
with his eyes. Onew gasped as he made contact with his straining
erection. Squeezing his eyes shut tight at the relief of touch.

He breathed out as he stroked his cock. From shaft to tip. Almost
reaching climax in record time. "...Key...oh, Key..." onew chanted as
quietly as he could. Pumping him self faster and faster. The images of
Key replaying in his head. "..ng..ah.." Onews mouth dropped open into a
silent scream as he released his seed on the shower wall. Feeling the
highest orgasm of his life. He held on to the wall with both hands
trying not to fall down from the intense climax. at the same moment he
was almost done riding out his orgasm. He heard the front door slam. He
imedietly shot up. Grabbing the towel hanging from the wall and quickly
drying his hair and some of his body. He wrapped the towel around his
waist. Listening for Key to see if he went in his room. He thought he
heard the door shut. He hurriedly opened the bathroom door only to slam
into none other then Key. 'how the hell.. Did he get here. I swear to
god I heard his door close.' onew thought. As he realized he was now on
the floor. He quickly stood up. Apologizing to Key. "sorry Key! When did
you get here!?" Onew said in a trying not to sound nervous voice. Onew
stared at key. He wasn't saying anything he was just standing there with
his mouth open. Looking Onew up and down. Onew started to feel un
comfortable. Especially considering who he just jacked off to in the
shower is right in front of him. Onew looked down.

The darkest
red you could ever imagine appeared on Onews face. "..omomomomo!..."
Onew said picking up the towel off the floor that should have been
wrapped around his waist. No wonder Key was staring. Onew was buck ass
naked. "I'm sorry that you had to see that Key! Sorry! I didn't reali-"
Onew was shut up quick when Key suddenly pushed him back into the
bathroom. Shoving him against the counter. "K-key w-what are you doing?"
Onew asked with a stutter. 'this can't he happening' Onew thought. Keys
hands were still resting on Onews chest from where he was pushing him.
Key suddenly looked down.

"Did you like my performance at the
talent show Onew hyung?" Key asked in an innocent voice looking back up
into Onews eyes.  Onews eyes widened. 'fuck he saw me'.

don't know what your t-talking about. I didnt go." Onew said his eyes
looking away from Keys. Keys hand traveled up Onews chest. To his neck
and finally to his cheek Key was stroking Onews cheek with his thumb.
Gentle circles.

"Mmm, to bad. I picked this outfit out just for
you." Key said moving his pointer finger to caress Onews plump lip. Onew
looked down at what Key was wearing. It was the same Santa clause
dress. Onew could feel the blood rush south again at the site of Key in
that outfit. He just noticed that Key was flush against his crotch with
his own. Keys smooth milky white legs were on ether side of Onews closed
ones. Onew gulped this was too much. He closed his eyes shut tight.
Making sure this situation was real. He opened them again. And sure
enough. Key was still there staring at him with lust filled eyes.

"I-it's a v-very nice outfit key.." Onew said blush apparent on his face.

Key smirked. "Why aren't you telling me to get off hyung?" Key
questioned looking down at their positioning that he put them in.

Onew looked up at Key not knowing what to say. "I-I..uhm.. I.. D-do you
want to get o-off?" Keys lips twisted into a evil grin. "Well, I want
you to get me off. If that's what your saying." Key said running his
hand down till it grasped Onews growing erection. Onews eyes widened.
'what the fuck is going on' Onew thought. More blood rushing towards his
cock at the sudden touch. "Come on Onew, I see the way you look at me.
Do you not want this?" Key said to Onew still just standing there with
wide eyes. "...y-yes. Ofcourse I want it. But first.." Onew took keys
hand off his crotch inter lacing there fingers. Then crashing their lips
together. Taking Key by surprise. Onew kissed him passionately sweet.
Savoring the cherry Chapstick Key had put on his lips. Onew could feel
Key smile into the kiss. Kissing onew back. Bringing his hand up to cup
Onews face. They fought for dominance. Lip wrestling. Key gently licked
Onews lip asking for entrance. It was immediately granted. They explored
each others mouth. Tasting each other. And both loving it. They parted,
breathing hard. They looked into each others eyes. Key smiled. "what
was that hyung?"Onew smiled back blushing at the same time.  He rubbed
the back of his neck in nervousness. Realizing what he just did. "..I
love you  Key..." he said rubbing keys hand softly.

For the
first time in forever Onew saw Key blush. And it was beautiful. His show
he puts on for everyone crashing down. His insecurities shown. And Onew
loved it. It was the real Key.

Key glanced up through his long
eyelashes. "I love you too Onew. I didn't think you felt that way
towards me..." Key said honestly. "Well what way did you think?" Onew
asked genuinely wanting to know. "I don't know... Just lust I guess."
Key said staring at the floor. Onew brought his hand up to caress Keys
cheek. "Well of course I'm attracted to you in that way. But I love you
for you. And that's it. Not for your body, or your excellent cleaning
abilities. Just you." Onew said smiling.

Keys eyes started to
water. Tears of happiness. He hugged Onew. Taking in his scent that he
loved. The feel of his body pressed against his own. How they fit
perfectly together.

He loved it.

He loved him...

And he loved him back.


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Nov. 9th, 2011


Blind Date - 2min 1/2

“Taeminnieeee guess what!!” Key
yelled jumping on the couch beside Taemin. “What hyung?” Taemin
said, eyes never leaving the television. “You are going on a blind
date tonight.” Taemin laughed. “Stop joking around hyung.”
Taemin said in a bored tone. “Im not joking around Taemin! I really
set you up on a blind date and your going, no argument!”Key said in
his demanding diva voice. Meaning he was being serious. Taemin not
distracted by the television anymore,put his full attention on Key.

“WHAT?! Why would you do that hyung!
You know I'm awkward on dates!!” Taemin whines with wide eyes. “It
was a favor for Jinki! I couldn't say no to Jinki! You know how I
feel about him. Besides Jinki says he's really cute. Tall dark and
handsome.” Key said winking. “Besides he can't be that bad if
he's Jinki's cousin.” Key said with a smile. “Ugh hyung!”
Taemin said puffing out his cheeks, knowing he lost the game. He knew
how much Key liked this Jinki guy. “Fine I'll go...Just cause I
love you and your my best friend, and I know how much this guy means
to you...ugh.” He said in a defeated voice.

Key's face lit up like a light bulb. He
pounced on Taemin hugging him till he couldn't breath. “Ah! Thank
you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” Key yelled still
hugging Taemin. “Key...I...can't...breath.” Taemin said with the
little bit of air still left in his lungs. “Oh sorry babe!” He
said getting off of the the blonde.

“What's his name anyways, If I have
to go on a date with this guy I should at least get to know his
name.” Tae questioned sincerely wanting to know. “Uhm..” Key
hummed, putting his finger on his chin in thought.”I think..its..
Min..min...Minhae? No no... Minjae? Mincho? Ugh..I don't know!!
You'll find out soon anyways. You need to leave at seven to get there
on time!” Key said with enthusiasm. 'I hope this isn't
embarrassing..I hate dates' Taemin thought. He glanced at the clock,
eye's bugging out as soon as he saw what time it was.

6:10 PM

“What the HELL
Key!! Its already past six! Why did you wait so long to tell me! Now
I have to rush!” Taemin yelled while hopping off the couch and
stripping his clothes off in the process on the way to the bathroom.
He quickly jumped into the shower. 'Jesus Key at least give me time
to get ready if your going to make me go on this stupid date! Damn
Key' Taemin thought while washing his his hair quickly, then grabbing
the plastic bottle of mango body wash and lathering himself with it.

~Meanwhile in
the living room~

Key took out his cell phone after
having a good laugh at Taemin rushing to get in the bathroom. He
dialed Jinki's number. Holding the pink phone up to his ear.

~ring ring ring

“Hello?” Jinki said answering the
phone. “Hi Jinki!” Key said in his 'cute' voice. “Hey key. So
is Taemin going to go?”

“Of course! I told you he can't say
no to me.”

“Oh great! Hey, is Taemins lst name
Lee?” Jinki asking with a curious tone to his voice.

“Yeah. How did you know that? I don't
remember telling you that. Haha.”

“Oh, well my cousin Minho flipped out
when I said his dates name was Taemin. Then he asked if his last name
was Lee and I didn't know so I asked you. Haha. But I think they went
to school together. This should be interesting.” Onew said in a
mischievous voice.

Key sat there thinking. Minho...went to
school together..flipped out about Taemin? Thats when it struck Key.
“Jinki...What's Minho's last name?”Key asked with a serious tone.
“Choi. Why?” It hit key so hard it was like a solid brick wall
just fell on top of him.

CHOI MINHO?!!?!!!???

Jinki hissed pulling the phone away
from his ear to get away from Key's out burst.

“Yes! Why?? What's wrong with that.”
Jinki questioned genuinely confused.

“Oh you have no idea Jinki...No

cliffhanger? I apologize. :P



Nov. 3rd, 2011


Onkey Itunes Drabble

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Sexual? I dunno lots of things.
Pairing: Onew and Key
Warning: My spacebar was being a bitch. (:

Psycho - Puddle of Mudd

Onew why do you do this to me?!" Key screamed at the top of his lungs. Staring the man in front of him straight into his eyes.

Onew looked to the ground. Regret imbedded into his face.

"Was she worth it? I hope she was a good fuck. Cause we are done. Here!!
Take this shit and get out!" Key yelled throwing the discarded bra he
found under the bed that morning. Tears filling his eyes.

The bra hitting Onew's chest with full force.

A single tear spilled over onews eyes. He bent down picking it up.
Grabbed his phone from the night stand. And turned around heading
towards the door.

"I love you key, And you know that it was a mistake. I dont love Jessica
only you" With that He walked out the door leaving a distraught key on
the floor crying his eye's out at the one he loved. The one he fought
for. The one who apparently key wasn't good enough for. The one who
betrayed him...

Bonamana - Super Junior

Onew couldn't take his eyes off the enchanting man in front of him. His swaying to the music. He was sex on legs.

Onew made his way to the middle of the dance floor joining the boy in
his dance. The other guy saw Onew. Staring him down with his feline

He moved closer to Onew. flush against him. Making all the blood rush to Onews nether regions. 'God he is so sexy' Onew thought.

He put his hand on the others hips feeling them sway to the music.

Leaning into Onews ear the man whispered "Want to go back to my place"
Sending a shiver down Onews spine at the sensual voice. He leaned back
staring the guy in his lust filled eyes. Onew tried to say something but
all he got out was silence. Standing there with an open mouth. But the
other got the hint. Winking then grabbing Onews arm and pulling him on
the dance floor. And exiting the warm club.

Smoke Two Joints - Bob Marley

"Come on key try it just once, pleaseeeeeeeee" Onew you said holding the
joint out for Key to take."I don't know about this..." Key said looking
skeptical."It will make you feel better, make all you troubles go away."
Key looked at the rolled up paper. Thinking it over. "Okay fine."

Taking the joint he held it to his lips taking a big puff. holding it in
for a few seconds. And then coughing like there was no tomorrow. It
instantly hit key. His eyes widening. Looking at onew "Holy shit
onew...This is so cool." He said holding his hand out in front of him.
Examining it like it was the most fascinating thing in the world.

"I told you so." Onew said with a smile on his face. This is going to be fun. thought Onew.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - SHINee

"Key I love you..." Key's eyes widened a tthe confession hisleader just
made to him. How...he has the same feeling? What...Is this a dream?

"W-what?" He replied, with wide eyes.

Onew blushed looking down. " Its okay if you dont feel the same way.
Ijust had to tell you before I exploded inside" He said turning around
to leave the room. Reaching for the door knob he felt a soft hand grab
his wrist.

"W-wait" Damn this stuttering...

Onew Turned around looking at key. Key only an inch away from onews
face. Key,wanting to do this for so long pressed his lips to Onews soft
and plump ones. They feel better then key ever imagined. This is better
then anything key could imagine. But it was over before Onew knew what
was going on. Key pulling away with a blush. "I love you too Onew..."
Looking up at Onew with a shocked expression on his face. He finally
registered what Key had just said to him. The biggest most beautiful
smile spread across Onews face. He leaned in capturing Keys lips once
more with his.

Im So Tired -The beatles

"keyyyyyy." Key heard someonewhispering in his ear. He was still half
delirious. Him guessing this is what is waking him up. He didn't hear it
for a while so he drifted off back to sleep. "Kimmmmmmbummmmmmieee."
Hearing his nickname he woke up. Still not opening his eyes. He was so
tired. "Keyyy..." Who ever it was they were so close to Key's ear.
Sending shivers down to his toes.

"Im tired go away." he said groggily putting his forearm over his eyes
to block out the sun light. "Fine." He heard the voice moving away. When
suddenly he felt a weight on his stomach/crotch area.Which was a big NO
NO for in the morning anything could get him going when he first wakes

"Go awayyyyy get offffff." He said still half asleep. He felt the person
sitting on him moving when suddenly a pair of lips were pressed flush
against his.They were so nice, and they tasted like
chicken....CHICKEN??? Oh fuck what the hell JINKI!!!! He immediately open
his eyes The lips removing themselves from his lips. Key sat up. Onew
still sitting on him.

"What the hell Jinki" Key said rubbing his eyes. Subcontinental licking
his lips. Tasting chicken. Surprisingly. He didnt mind it. It
tasted...Like jinki....

A Smile spread across Jinkis face. "i just wanted you to wake up. And
that apparently was the only way." Jinki said winking at Key, sliding
off of him, and walking to the door.

"Now come on the pancakes are ready" Jinki said with a chuckle at the sight of the flushed Key.


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Nov. 1st, 2011



Sitting at school. (:
Being happy that they havnt blocked live journal yet.
Im working on a new Onkey.(:

Im trying to write a BDSM one. O_o
But I dont know if Im cut out for that....
We will see.
I might just write some fluffy Onkey.
Whatever floats my boat.

So my teacher is staring me down.
So I shall get off!
Later Gater.


(that look!) ^^

Now I will go <3

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